• The title is a parody of the sitcom Two and a Half Men. It is also a parody of the film 12 Angry Men. The plot of one juror convincing each juror to change their vote from guilty to not guilty is also taken from the film 12 Angry Men.
  • The jurors from 12 Angry Men are paralleled throughout the episode:
    • Bruce parallels Juror #1, as the foreman.
    • Carter parallels Juror #3, the stubborn and opinionated businessman, who is the last to change his vote to 'not guilty'.
    • Brian parallels Juror #8, as the one who begins to convince others that the case is not as obvious as it seems.
    • Herbert parallels Juror #9, as the wise elderly man who is the first to be convinced by Juror #8.
    • Tom parallels Juror #10, who goes on a bigoted rant and offends others.
  • The scene demonstrating that the eyewitness could not have seen the murder from the orgy mimics the scene in 12 Angry Men where the jurors disprove eyewitness testimony by proving that a crippled man could not walk the length of his apartment quickly enough to witness the accused fleeing.
  • Peter's retort of "Sir, you are talking to a plain lippy" parodies a line in Steve Martin's film The Jerk in which Steve's character takes umbrage at another character's offensive description of African-Americans.

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