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  • A scene of the line representing the flight to Nashville and exploding in a ball of flame was not shown in most markets in the United States in the original broadcast.
  • Peter breaks the Fourth wall after the cutaway with the pedophile opera by expressing his anger at the audience for still not giving Family Guy an Emmy Award and pointing out that Modern Family would've been lauded for it.
  • Big Bill Doyle is reported as John Wayne's last film. In reality, his last film was The Shootist.
  • Cleveland states that he wants to enter the church in the same manner as Sherman Hemsley in Amen, which was an actual television show. [1] The show's theme "Shine on Me" by Vanessa Bell Armstrong plays as well.
  • In real life, Belichick's two sons are both over 20.
  • Taylor Swift is shown playing a left-handed guitar. In reality, she plays right-handed.

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