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A Christmas Carol is a novella by Charles Dickens. Since its first publication in 1843, it has been adapted for theatre, film, television, radio, and opera countless times. The various adaptations have included straightforward retellings, modernizations, parodies and sequels.

In "Screwed the Pooch", Peter Griffin shouts at Bob Cratchit, who’s copying letters in the corner, telling him he has to work through Christmas. Cratchit asks, “But, sir, what of Tiny Tim?” Peter responds, “Bah, he and his ukulele shall go wanting” a reference to Tiny Tim the musician, not Cratchit’s son.

In "Jesus, Mary & Joseph", the Griffins watch a version of A Christmas Carol where Scrooge stops to use the bathroom before accompanying the Ghost of Christmas Past, taking so long that the Ghost of Christmas Present arrives before he is finished.

The basic plot of "Don't Be a Dickens At Christmas" is a parody of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.