• A flashback shows Peter stranded on a raft, talking to a volley ball is a parody of the 2000 film Cast Away. He is yelling at the ball saying, "Wilson! Wilson! What are we gonna' do now!?". The volleyball shouts back, "My name is Voit, dumbass!" This is a reference to the Voit Corporation, another sporting goods company.
  • Lois tells Meg “up your nose with a rubber hose,” the Sweathogs’ catch phrase from the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter.
  • In Stewie’s imagination, Peter spontaneously combusts, a reference to Charles Dickens’ novel Bleak House.
  • A cutaway shows Peter using a katana to save Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland, who have just been sodomized by two men. This is a reference to a scene in the film Pulp Fiction.
  • The man with elongated arms who eggs on the gang to find Daggermouth is from Monty Python’s 1983 film The Meaning of Life.

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