• When Joe falls down from the streetlight, the sign for the sport shop changes from "Sporting Goods" to "Sporitng Goods".
  • The lights were not flashing on the big Christmas tree, but they flash when Stewie repeatedly jabs Lois with a candy cane.
  • The tray of snacks next to Peter disappear after he puts the Christmas tree in the stand.
  • The TV antenna appears, disappears, and then reappears again though the episode.
  • The stars and moon on Stewie's crib disappear after Stewie cuts off Rupert's head.
  • When Stewie is on the stage and walks over to the side, there's no visible Santa decoration there at this point, but one appears behind him when he states that they are all being watched.
  • When Lois and Peter leave to go to Joe's house they exit through the veranda. Joe's house is on the left side of the Griffins home and not on the right.
  • When Quagmire and Cleveland are walking up to Joe's house, their voices are heard but their mouths don't move.
  • After Stewie's monologue, and Peter looks up at Lois on the tree, Bonnie can be seen to his rear with brown hair, which she had in her first appearance in "A Hero Sits Next Door", but had been black throughout this episode.

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