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|title = Adam West High
|title = Adam West High
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|prev_ep = Girl, Internetted
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|image = Hacx16_050_03-0212.jpg
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|caption =

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Hacx16 050 03-0212.jpg

Adam West High
Brian and Quagmire face off in Quahog's mayoral election.

Season: 17 Episode: 20
Total Episode Count: 329
Prod. no.: HACX16
First Aired: May 12, 2019

Featuring: Brian, Quagmire
Also Appearing: Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Mayor Adam West, Carol West, Cleveland, Joe, Tom Tucker, Principal Shepherd, Frank, Eddie Payups, Chip & Joanna Gaines, Sean Hannity, Matthew Perry, Adam West
Musical Numbers: Hail to the Dog

Director: Joseph Lee

Assistant Director: Wincat Alcala
Writers: Artie Johann
Storyboarders: Helen Kim, Michael Narren, Bao Nguyen

Hacx16 052 02-0001.jpg

After the passing of Mayor West, Brian suggest naming the high school after him, instead of controversial figure James Woods. Carol is so impressed that she suggests that he run to replace West as Mayor and he decides to go with it. However, this annoys Quagmire who decides to run against him out of spite.

Quagmire sabotages Brian's appearance during the mayoral debate. When he confronts him later on his campaign bus, Quagmire's insults result in Brian knocking the driver cold and they wreck, breaking Quagmire's leg in the process. When Quagmire tries to call OnStar, the attendant turns out to be a previous 'date' of his, which leaves the bus barely hanging on the side of a cliff.

Hacx16 670 03-0015.jpg

As time passes, they share their actual reasons for running for Mayor, with Quagmire wanting a street named after him and Brian is in it for pancakes. Brian tries to say something complimentary to Quagmire who rejects returning the favor. Brian tries to climb up and out but his shifting weight causes the bus to fall. As he leaps out the back of the bus with Quagmire's arms wrapped around his waist, Brian imagines the late Mayor West reaching out to grab his hand, later to realize he grasped a branch, where they are passed by Principal Shepherd on his way down to steal the late bus driver's ID.

The family reveals that since both candidates were believed to have been killed in the bus crash, the fans are encouraged to vote for the new mayor online. As Quagmire recovers at a 'pool party' at his place, one of his female guests slips up and allows Brian to hear that a party is going on. He climbs to the top of Quagmire's tiki bar and dives in, momentarily forgetting that Quagmire doesn't actually have a pool when he smashes into the ground.