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James Woods HS

Adam West High School, formerly James Woods Regional High School is the high school located in Quahog, Rhode Island attended by Meg, Chris, Neil Goldman, and Connie DiMico. The school was named after actor James Woods, who grew up in Warwick, RI. The school is under the control of the Quahog District School Board.

Lois Griffin temporarily taught sex education there in "Prick Up Your Ears" until she was fired due to parental complaints regarding the class content.

Dylan Flannigan attended the school while in his father Brian's custody in "The Former Life of Brian". He dropped out when he went back to his mother, Tracy Flannigan.

Peter became temporary acting principal when Principal Shepherd suffered a mental breakdown during his divorce in "The Peter Principal".

Due to James Woods' antics in real life, including his Republican support, the high school is renamed in "Adam West High".

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