• This episode is the first to heavily feature Joyce Kinney.
  • The church that the Griffins go to is on its third pastor. The first was the black-haired one with Asian origins seen in "Death Has a Shadow" and others. The second one was the brown-haired Caucasian with glasses seen in episodes such as "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives" and "Boys Do Cry".
  • Lois brings up the events that happened in "And Then There Were Fewer" when talking to Joyce about Diane Simmons.
  • At dinner with Kinney, Lois brings up when she had an abortion in "Partial Terms of Endearment".
  • Despite Quahog 5's original goal to find an anchor younger than Diane, she is actually as old or older as she is almost the same age as Lois, who is 42; two years older than the 40 year old late Diane.
  • Peter breaks the fourth wall by commenting how simple the background characters in the church are.
  • Bonnie calls Lois a slut for being in Quest for Fur despite the fact that she herself has slept with men besides her husband. She slept with Quagmire in "April in Quahog", and she admitted to having an affair in "Go, Stewie, Go!". In addition, it is revealed that she used to be a stripper in "Internal Affairs".
  • It is mentioned that Lois made the porno in the early 1980's, after buying a copy of E.T.; however, that film was not released on VHS until 1988.
  • This episode shows that, like Peter in "Death Has a Shadow and "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", Lois has gotten drunk on communion wine.
  • Dale Robinson is seen in church sitting next to Joyce in the end of the episode. Dale was killed with his wife Naomi in "Partial Terms of Endearment".

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