• Family Guy storyboard artist Jonathan Gebhart and production coordinator Hilary Hager appear in Stewie's yearbook.
  • Although depicted as a singular person, Tommy Tutone is actually the collective name for a musical group originally led by Tommy Heath.
  • A note on the Ramada sign reads "Please Don't Feed John Daly", in reference to the professional golfer.
  • The 'after' picture of Kenny Rogers' plastic surgery is from the 2006 CMT Country Music Awards.[1]
  • Peter keeps a bag full of fake passports in case they need to make a quick escape.
    • Peter's fake passport gives him the identity of Mr. Fields, husband of Mrs. Fields cookie fame, although he hints at a troubled marriage.
  • Joe makes a meta joke when Peter says he's waiting to see what Quagmire wears, noting that their outfits are pretty much set.
  • Dr. Hartman mistakes Stewie for Daryl Hannah due to his plastic surgery.
    • Dr. Hartman graduated from Boston University.
  • Peter is horrified when Sully Sullenberger uses his name before he identifies himself.

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