And Then There's Maude
From the episode: No Meals on Wheels
Singers: Arnold McCuller, Peter Griffin
Voices: Arnold McCuller, Seth MacFarlane

"And Then There's Maude" is the theme song to Maude, starring Bea Arthur, which was originally broadcast on the CBS network from September 12, 1972 until April 22, 1978.

In "No Meals on Wheels", Peter and Lois Griffin are sitting on the couch watching an early Maude opening credit sequence, which Peter found to be tediously long.


Peter: Oh, look, it's one of those early Maude episodes with the really long opening credit sequence.

TV: ♪ Lady Godiva was a freedom rider

She didn't care if the whole world looked

Joan of Arc with the Lord to guide her

She was a sister who really cooked

Madame Curie was a strong woman character

Workin' all day in a science lab, yeah

Clara Barton was a famous nurse

Who was rapping with the soldiers and bandages too

Susan B. Anthony, always out doin' stuff

Marchin' around and holdin' up signs... ♪

Peter: "And then there's Maude."

TV: ♪ Pocahontas had it all goin' on... ♪

Peter: What the hell?

TV: ♪ Indian guide with lots of Indian pride Indira Gandhi ran a whole big country That isn't easy even if you're a guy... ♪

Peter: "And then there's Maude"?

TV: ♪ Babe Zaharias was a really good athlete... ♪

Peter: Aw, come on!

TV: ♪ ...Good at track and field and professional golf, too ♪

Peter: "And then there's Maude"!

TV: ♪ Amelia Earhart flew a lot of airplanes Except for that one time when she didn't come back Cleopatra lived way out in the desert... ♪

Peter: "And then there's Maude"! Come on!

TV: ♪ But still found a way to keep herself looking fine

And then there's Maude... ♪

Peter: Ahh! Ahh! There we go! [turns the TV off] That was an ordeal.

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