Quagmire, shown next to Peter, after a cutaway showing that he already left with Stephanie's dead body

DVD cut without Quagmire

  • Quagmire was shown leaving with Stephanie's body in his trunk during Diane's monologue to Lois about how she planned the crime. Yet he is seen next to Peter when Lois and Diane leave the mansion. Quagmire's car is nowhere to be seen in the overhead shot when everyone leaves. However, the DVD cut eliminates his appearance.
  • Jillian's neck collar is missing when she first talks to Brian.
  • In the beginning view of the Mansion, the backyard was nothing but cliffs, but at the end of the episode, The land behind the mansion is extended.
  • At the point everybody ran to check on the dead body of Muriel, both Meg and Tom Tucker are clearly seen, but they were trapped in the maze earlier. The DVD cut eliminates Meg but leaves Tom still visible.
  • When Peter discovered the second secret room, and the group descends, Joe can be seen at the back. However, he was knocked out during that time. Also, when everybody is arguing on who killed James Woods, Joe is seen trying to break up a fight between Derek Wilcox and Dr. Hartman.
  • After Derek shows his phone to Peter, his phone tilts to the side. However the picture of him "holding up" the Hollywood sign doesn't tilt with it, as if the phone was still held upright.
  • When the chase for Tom Tucker begins, only Peter, Joe, Carl and Doctor Hartman took part. Yet when they arrive in the dining room, Seamus, Mayor Adam West and Quagmire have strangely appeared behind them. Also, when the chase for Tom started, he knocked down Jillian, Herbert, and Mayor West. However, when Peter, Joe and the others chase after him, Herbert and Mayor West are standing, while Jillian is still on the floor.
  • When the group catches Tom Tucker and the camera zooms out, you can see most of the cars are different to ones at the start.
  • The gun hidden behind a plate changes location from the bottom shelf to the shelf above it when everyone discovers it. When Joe starts talking about what happened, it is on the bottom shelf again.
  • During Diane's flashback where the group was confronting James Woods, there was no cutlery on the dinner table. However, Diane's hand is seen and said to be grabbing a knife from the table.
  • When the Griffins get into their car, Chris is on the left, but when they start driving, he is seen on the right. It would have been impossible to move from one side of the car to the other in that window of time.
  • During the scene when Muriel is murdered, Tom Tucker can be seen on the right side of the screen, even though he had disappeared and reappeared in the next scene.
  • When everyone comes the cars are park randomly in the next scenes the cars are parked in a line.
  • There are a few errors that occur between original events and Diane's flashback including:
After Muriel was killed, the group appeared with Diane, but in the flashback, she joined them all of a sudden.
When Muriel is found dead, she is in a hallway. Yet in the flashback, Diane killed her just outside of Tom Tuckers room.
Priscilla is wearing a scarf when she enters with James, in the flashback she has no scarf.
When the crowd went to see Derek's dead body Diane is next to Jillian but in her flashback she walks up further.
When they see Derek, they gasp and Tom says "Dear God", but in the flashback they just look at Derek.
When Derek runs off he standing next to Peter and Lois, yet in the flashback, he's standing next to Jillian and Lois.
  • When the group are in the main hall, Herbert and Dr. Hartman are wearing normal clothes, but when Lois and Diane walk outside, they're wearing tuxedos still.
  • When Peter enters the second secret room there is no book at the corner of table, when it shows the table to book is there.
  • The mansion's parking lot changes size throughout the episode:
When everyone comes it is a medium size.
During the scene when it changes from evening to night it is huge when everyone leaves it is small.
  • Joe and Bonnie's car changes from blue to red in the final scene of everyone leaving.

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