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  • This episode is dedicated to the memory of Ann Perry MacFarlane, Seth and Rachael's mother who passed away from breast cancer.
  • This is the first Family Guy episode to air in the High Definition 16:9 format. The first episode produced in high-def is "It's A Trap!", which was the last aired for season nine.
  • This is the first hour-long episode of Family Guy that's not a parody of Star Wars. "Brian & Stewie" is excluded as the second half-hour was not plot-centric.
  • This episode features the deaths of four recurring characters: James Woods, Muriel Goldman, Derek Wilcox and Diane Simmons, and the deaths of two other characters created for the episode, Stephanie and Priscilla. MacFarlane confirmed on Twitter that the characters are indeed dead and will not be returning. However, James Woods returns in "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream". Muriel is seen in ghost form in "No Giggity, No Doubt".
  • Upon arrival at James Woods' house, Lois says "I bet Jeff Probst has a house like this". Probst is a longtime CBS personality and host of the reality TV show Survivor.
  • Herbert's car is an ice cream truck, which he previously requested at the Quahog Hummer Dealership in "The Perfect Castaway".
  • Tom and Diane's car leaves with the rest at the end of the episode. The natural assumption is that it is being driven by the police.
  • When the group evacuate the mansion, Carl is seen getting into an Ice-Cream truck, even though it is Herbert's truck. Also, when the group tries to leave in the storm, Jillian isn't in Derek Wilcox's car, even though that was the car she arrived in.
  • During the storm and between when everyone tries to leave and when Derek is killed, both Derek and Quagmire leave the convertible tops down on their cars.
  • Herbert originally arrived alone, but there is someone in the truck with him as he leaves.
  • It is unknown how Mayor Adam West leaves the mansion at the end, as he arrived by parachute.
  • Upon arrival, Mort and Muriel are arguing over eating cheeseburgers. As Jews, they would normally not eat cheeseburgers due to the combination of milk and meat being non-kosher. However, not all Jews practice Jewish dietary laws.
  • Brian and Stewie tell Peter that they can't let Meg be part of their search party because they were going to figure out what to get him for his birthday. Peter's birthday would be celebrated a few episodes later, in "Baby, You Knock Me Out".
  • While searching for Muriel Goldman throughout the mansion, Brian and Stewie play "Name That Tune", humming and singing the theme song to several television shows, including the CBS science fiction series Lost in Space, the CBS sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, and the ABC soap opera Dynasty.
  • In the flashback scene detailing Diane's relationship with James Woods, she wears a dress similar to Bonnie Swanson's when James is delivered to her hotel room via a room service cart.
  • When Consuela alerts the rest of the characters that James Woods' golden globe has been taken, she correctly refers to him as 'misser Woods' instead of 'misser James'.
  • It is revealed Peter believes he has only been married for 14 years, where it's really 20.
  • The "Fuzzy Door Productions" logo does not appear in the end credits.
  • This episode featured only two cutaway gags in the original broadcast. The DVD extended version expands this to seven cutaways, mostly explaining how James Woods wronged several of the attendees.
    • Quagmire brings up how James Woods ruined Brian's TV pilot in "Brian Griffin's House of Payne" and reveals that he was the one who stole Cheryl Tiegs, whom he dated in "Jerome Is the New Black", from him. All of James Woods misdeeds were revealed in this episode.
    • Diane Simmons had a secret relationship with him but was dumped by him on her 40th birthday. James also promised Diane to introduce her to Dan Rather, but he introduced her to Danny Bonaduce.
    • James Woods convinced Muriel Goldman to sell him Oxycontin for his 19 year old girlfriend. Weeks later, Muriel began to have misgivings and threatened to cut him off, but James threatened to blackmail her by turning her into the feds to prevent this.
    • Tom Tucker once auditioned for the role of Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street. But James Woods convinced him to turn it down, ruining his career of becoming an actor.
    • One night, Seamus Levine hit acid with James Woods, who grilled him and ate his arms and legs thinking he was a steak.
    • He took the Twitter name MayorWest, forcing Mayor Adam West to take the Twitter name MayorunderscoreWest.
    • He replaced Herbert's cialis with methamphetamines.
    • He punched Bonnie Swanson in the throat due to the way she sounds.
    • He molested one of Consuela's nephews when she brought him to work whom then committed suicide.
    • He switched around all the bones in Dr. Hartman's office. He also left a penthouse in the bathroom of Goldman's Pharmacy and left his "handiwork" in the sink. Tomik and Bellgarde were also said to have hated James Woods.
  • The DVD extended cut of the episode also reveals Jillian to be pregnant.
  • In reruns, the episode had the season 9 theme song sequence that begins most episodes, rather than the credits and title that ran while the family drove to the mansion when the episode first premiered. The new HD opening did not debut until "Excellence in Broadcasting", the following episode. However, the driving intro sequence has been available on streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu.

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