• The Agatha Christie detective novel And Then There Were None is credited as the primary title reference in the DVD commentary.
  • The opening title sequence resembles the one from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
  • Stephanie starts bleeding after Brian pops the cork on a champagne bottle, similar to a scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • Seamus' story of how he was made is a parody of Pinocchio.
  • When James Woods turns up dead, Peter says "criss-cross!", a reference to the Alfred Hitchcock movie Strangers on a Train.
  • When dressed in armor, Peter says "Go-go Gadget Skis!", a reference to the TV series Inspector Gadget.
  • When the group is carrying Joe up the stairs, Peter jokingly hums "Hava Nagila". This is a parody of the Jewish tradition of when at bar or bat mitzvah ceremonies or wedding receptions, those being honored get lifted on a chair to this music.
  • Carl makes references to the films Labyrinth, No Way Out, and The Great Outdoors. In the DVD extended edition, he also makes references to Hard Rain and Days of Thunder.
  • When the remaining group sees Tom Tucker as the murderer, Peter says "Tell that to Mike Judge!", a reference to the quote "Tell that to the judge!" and the creator of King of the Hill.
  • When Dr. Hartman pretends to attack Seamus, he imitates the music from Psycho.
  • The DVD extended edition features Seamus asking Dr. Hartman and Herbert if they'll still be friends the next day in class, parodying a scene from the film The Breakfast Club.

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