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  • The American Dad! episode “Stannie Get Your Gun” also features the National Gun Association. The writers of this episode, Matt Weitzman and Mike Barker would co-create American Dad! with Seth MacFarlane.
  • When Stewie warns Brian about drinking to get warm, he says it’s because alcohol constricts the blood vessels, while in reality, it dilates the blood vessels outside of the body’s core, causing blood to collect under the skin, lowering the body’s temperature.
  • The character Peter throws darts with at the bar, who later gets in a tussle with his wife, is Andy Capp.
  • The marching band plays Eddy Grant’s 1983 song “Electric Avenue”.
  • Peter refers to himself as “the white Larry Bird,” despite the fact that the NBA star is, in fact, white.
  • Chris mentioned a Fox show Ally McBeal. Ironically, the show ended around the time Family Guy was canceled after its third season.
  • This is the first episode to visit Peter's birth.
  • When Peter fires his gun at home, he has to reload after every shot, but when he is “writing his name in the snow”, he is shown shooting multiple times in a row.

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