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Peter and Lois meet Stan and Francine Smith.

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The guys pay tribute to King of the Hill.

  • FOX released a press release with promo images detailing a crossover with American Dad! and King of the Hill. Family Guy director Greg Colton reported [1] the scenes really were intended for broadcast and were dropped for time. They were later reused in "Bigfat".
  • After Stewie plays with his action figures, Stewie breaks the fourth wall by saying that parents who buy children "homoerotic" dolls are responsible for the gay son.
  • According to the Channel 5 news report, 87 people committed suicide because of their apocalyptic fears stemming from the practical joke.
  • Stewie catches Brian praying thinking the world is going to end and Brian tried to cover it up. Later, Brian goes to volunteer at the soup kitchen to fulfill a promise to 'someone'. Stewie then says that 'someone' is God.
  • Once again, Peter sings "Surfin' Bird" from "I Dream of Jesus", this time to get out of jury duty.
  • In the cutaway at the Academy Awards, the nominees Peter puts in the ballot box include Grover, Bluto, Red Guy, a boob, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Day-Lewis had actually won two Oscars previously.[2]
  • After Quagmire has sex with Bonnie, Joe makes reference to the song "He's Quagmire" by shrugging his shoulders and saying the song's trademark phrase, "Who else but Quagmire?!"
  • Peter had jury duty before as seen in "Brian Sings and Swings".
  • In one scene, Stewie has green buttons instead of the normal yellow/gold color.
  • At the end of the episode, after he has won back the kid's appreciation, Peter is shown hogging the Xbox 360 and playing on Xbox Live. The game he is playing and failing horribly at is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and shows actual gameplay footage of "PGriffin69" getting sniped.
    • The sniper that shoots Peter has the gamertag of "fourzerotwo". This would indicate that Peter was playing with Robert Bowling, the Community Manager of the game's developer at the time the episode aired.
    • The scoreboard in the bottom left corner changes from LOSING 700-300 to TIE 0-0.
    • Quagmire can be heard at the end of the game saying "You suck!" Joe can also be heard saying "Moron!"
  • When Peter is trying to get Chris to like him again with crystal meth, there is a poster of a Machoke from Pokémon.
  • In the original airing of the episode on FOX and airings on Adult Swim, Stephen Hawking insults Trisha by calling her "bitch," while in the fully uncensored version he calls her "ching chong."

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