At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant (Jr.)
From the episode: Bookie of the Year
Singers: Frank Sinatra, Jr., Stewie Griffin, Brian
Voices: Frank Sinatra, Jr., Seth MacFarlane

"At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant (Jr.)" is sung by Frank Sinatra, Jr., Stewie and Brian after they open an Italian restaurant in "Bookie of the Year". When they find out that they need a hook to draw in customers on their opening night, Stewie and Brian encourage Frank to becomes the face of the restaurant, which leads to the musical number.



Brian: You love the meal, the fancy feel
The show biz stories while you eat your veal
It's family dining with a mobster feel
At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant
Stewie: Junior!
Frank: The wine is red, with lot's of bread
[Imitating Marlon Brando's Vito Corleone] And portion's-a bigger than a horse's head
Brian: You'll burp up sausages tonight in bed
Frank: At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant
Stewie: Here's a toast, to our host
The food's not great, but...
Drink enough and you won't know
Brian: The Guests will swoon and Frank will croon
Stewie: A beep-boop-doobie-dop Italian tune
All: You'll dine like royalty at Frank Sinatra's Restaurant
Frank: We got big plans to please our fans
Our cocktail waitress has enormous cans
A men's room servant who will dry your hands
At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant
Brian: Our pizza pies could win a prize
The jukebox catalog is double-size
It plays both Capital and yes, Reprise
Frank: [Correcting the pronunciation] That's Re-preeze
Brian: At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant
Stewie: Gorgeous views
Brian: And top-shelf booze
Frank: Yes, we serve Jews
Stewie: [embarrassed] Um, that was never an issue
All: So raise your glass, we'll have a gas
The seating's limited so move your ass
And plant it firmly here at Frank Sinatra's Restaurant
Frank's Restaurant
Frank's Rest...a...urant
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