Baby, I Love Your Way
Baby I love your way.jpg
From the episode: Death Lives
Singers: Peter Frampton
Voices: Peter Frampton

"Baby, I Love Your Way" is a song written and performed by singer Peter Frampton that was first featured on Frampton's 1975 album, Frampton Comes Alive!.

In "Death Lives", the song is heard on the radio during the moments Peter and Lois Griffin fell in love and it became the couple's signature song. On their wedding anniversary more than 15 years later, Peter saves the marriage by bringing Frampton in to sing the song live.

In the episode commentary, Seth MacFarlane recounts that he committed a faux pas in requesting Peter change the lyrics to Lois, I Love Your Way to which Peter flatly refused.


Ooh Baby I love your way

I wanna tell you I love your way

I wanna be with you night and day oh yeah

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