• This is the second episode to celebrate Peter's birthday.
  • Lois' second fighter is from Ukraine. Mila Kunis, who plays Meg was born in Kiev, the capital city.
  • Seamus and Mort Goldman can be seen in the audience during the fight with the Ukrainian girl.
  • Lois' growling sounds similar to the one in Stewie's fantasy in "Peter's Two Dads".
  • A barker can be heard yelling "Buttscratcher!", a gag from "No Chris Left Behind" in the audience at the Deirdre Jackson/Lois Griffin fight.
  • Lois is given the nickname "The Ovarian Barbarian" and "The Breast of All Time".
  • Peter, while drunk, does not get what anime is all about. He believes everyone in Japan is either a 10-year-old girl or a monster.
  • Peter's age comes into question again. It seems as if Peter should turn 44 but no age is identified. In "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou", Lois says that he's 43. Lois does say that she is 42, which would match the age difference stated in "Let's Go to the Hop" and ignore their both being 18 in "Meet the Quagmires".
  • Peter says that Meg wasn't invited to his birthday party, and yet she appears when Peter gets his cake.
  • In "THE QUAHOG INFORMANT" newspaper, there is an article with the title: "LOIS GRIFFIN: Top ranked fighter in Quahog" but below, there is a smaller title that goes: "Quahog Informant to start printing news instead of just horizontal lines".
  • When Peter receives a globe he asks "what planet is this?" Joe says its not a planet, making it minutely possible that he was disregarding that Earth is a planet. It is very probable that it is an example of Peter's stupidity in believing the globe itself was a planet.
  • Patrick Warburton turned 46 the day this episode aired.
  • After Lois' first fight, Bonnie says she didn't know Lois had that in her. However, they took Tae Jitsu together in "Lethal Weapons".

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