Lois: Alright, you little bitch! You wanna fuck with me? Let's go!

Quagmire: [dragging female boxer] What can I say? I really like watching her box.
Peter: That means two things.

Tom Tucker: Any thoughts on the fight, Floyd?
Floyd Wetherton: I.I.. I think that they are they're gonna have they are gonna be be fightin', D...Deidre's last fight in the contrast to the later one, is gonna be be-better than usually.
Tom Tucker: And how do you think this helps her chances in the fight?
Floyd Wetherton: Well, the match lastin' about up until the particular inaccuracy, particular unusually, that should be the ultimate determining factor in about the 12 round experience, heart of a champion, margarine hat.
Tom Tucker: Well, we'll be watching for that. Well be checking in with you throughout the night, Floyd, and happy 23rd birthday.
Floyd Wetherton: You're welcome.

Chris: Wow, she's really hitting mom hard.
Meg: Good.

Tom Tucker: "Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are at round 6, the round the Deidre Jackson promised she would kill Lois Griffin. What do you think, Floyd? Is she gonna make good on that promise?"
Floyd Wetherton: "A...a broken promise, a lot like a child's pinwheel. You have to be yourself, or at least within the confines."

Lois: No matter what you do the rest of your life, you'll always be garbage.

Peter: Man, would you look at that? Two smoking hot women repeatedly striking each other.
Quagmire: Yeah, it reminds me of Thanksgiving.
Peter: Why does it remind you of Thanksgiving?
Quagmire: 'Cause this is where I come for Thanksgiving.

Brian: [about Deidre] Her fists are so dangerous, she's not allowed to be a lesbian.

Tom Tucker: Coming up next: A boxing match where boxers are bleeding before the fight?

Adam West: Fuck, it's my parents. The party's off, everybody, get the fuck outta here!

Peter: Where are my flapjacks!?

Cleveland: Mmmbop, ba duba dop ba Boom bop ba dubie dop ba boom bop Dubie dop ba boom bop Oh Yeah Mmmbop bi bada bop boom bop.

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