Baby [(You Gotta pass the Ball) Baby]
Pass the ball.png
From the episode: Dearly Deported
Singers: Black Guys from the Park
Voices: Studio singers

"Baby [(You Gotta pass the Ball) Baby]" and "Sweep {((Sweep) Sweep) The Floor}" are a pair of songs in a deleted scene cutaway gag written for "Dearly Deported".

When Stewie claims to be up for a new experience, he is shown playing street basketball with guys who are not happy with his ball hogging. When he loses control of the ball, he is confronted, but turns their accusation into a successful song. When the group later breaks up, he tells of his experiences to a janitor who needs to get back to his job sweeping the floor, which is turned into another song.



You gotta pass the ball, baby

Sweep {((Sweep) Sweep) The Floor}
From the episode: Dearly Deported
Singers: Janitor


Sweep, sweep, sweep the floor

The baby asked me to say it again

And now it's a song

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