• Meg and Chris share 'edibles' before entering the escape room.
  • Aside from Stewie, Meg is the only other member of the family to show any sign of intelligence in the escape room.
  • As Stewie begins his transformation, he sings a version of "Graduation (Friends Forever)", originally by Vitamin C.
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  • Stewie names his gene-altering device, or G.A.D., after actor Josh Gad.
    • Stewie's operation manual for G.A.D. only features him with different Chris Hemsworth haircuts.
    • With Brian's operation of the device, Stewie develops a hand on his head, has his arm and legs swap positions, becomes a turtle, has extremely long legs, becomes a caveman, a creature resembling Pikachu, gets his Chris Hemsworth haircut, a bottom with no torso, a torso with no bottom, a spider, Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, his normal self, various blobs, a pile a poop and a Gremlins-like creature.
  • In the short "Mailbox Madness", Cleveland receives a text that his mother Cookie Brown has died, although this is unclear if it is only a gag in the short.
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