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  • The title of this episode comes from the film Back to the Woods.
  • The closing scene is a re-creation of the warehouse scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, as already used in "Peter's Got Woods".
  • While trying to ruin James Woods' life and career, Peter claims to starring in a film parodying the September 11, 2001 attacks, claiming it's like "two pies in the face and one in a field in Pennsylvania"; A reference to the twin towers and the crash site of the thwarted hijacking, respectively.
  • After Brian asks Stewie for help to get unhitched from his pole, Stewie refuses in retaliation for making him "watch that video with the two girls and a cup!" This is followed by a cutaway to Brian filming Stewie sitting at a computer watching an unseen video. He comments, "Okay, they're lesbians clearly..." and then proceeds to become surprised, shocked, and nearly ill as the video proceeds. This segment is a reference to the fifty-second-long viral video 2 girls, 1 cup, which features two girls performing sexual acts based around fecal matter; Brian's filming Stewie is in fact a reference to a common Youtube fad where members either watch the video themselves or show it to others, filming the viewer's reaction.

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