• When Lois tells Peter to take Allison Janney back to the zoo, the sun porch door changes from being brown to yellow.
  • When Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland become cops because Joe trains them and they are all at Peter's, Joe has binoculars and is looking across the street and saying he is watching his wife Bonnie in her house. However, he is looking in the direction of Cleveland's house.
  • When Meg brings Brian the pie, Brian is sitting in the middle of the couch, and Meg sits on his left. However, when Meg starts asking "Do you feel me?" she has moved to the center of the couch and Brian, judging from the direction Meg is looking, has moved to the right. Then, when Meg leaves and Stewie arrives, Brian is back in the middle.
  • As Meg walks towards Brian after taking her dress off, her belly button disappears then reappears after a few frames.

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