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Bill Lumbergh is a character from the cult movie Office Space, portrayed by Gary Cole. He is known to micromanage and often asks his employees to come in to work on Saturdays. He is obsessed with making sure all the office's paperwork (such as TPS reports) is done perfectly, no matter how pointless it may be. He is the type of boss an employee would just want to shoot.

He makes an appearance in "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz". He is summoned by Peter Griffin to tell Lois, that she should not complain about the situation and to sit at the kids' table, as it would be the best case scenario.

Peter chuckles over the name 'Lumbergh' in "Peter & Lois' Wedding" after mentioning finding 'office space' for his and Quagmire's startup tech company, Googoogle.

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