Billy Joel One Tune Medley
From the episode: Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)
Singers: Billy Joel, Peter Griffin, episode cast
Voices: Ralph Garman, Seth MacFarlane, episode cast

The "Billy Joel One Tune Medley" is sung by Billy Joel and the cast to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire" throughout "Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)". First when Peter has his stomach pumped and the items are identified, then for commercial break when Peter eats Stewie and finally in the closing when the writers couldn't satisfactorily wrap up the episode.


[Peter's stomach contents]
Billy Joel: Lots of Legos, rubber bands
Web-shooting Spider-Man
An old pet rock
An antique clock
A tub of red Play-doh
Colored pencils, lots of nickels
Half a jar of Vlasic pickles
Banjo strings, chicken wings
A single by Cee-Lo
Peter: I didn't poop those items
They were in my tummy 'cause they all looked yummy
Billy Joel: He didn't poop those items
He tried to eat 'em so you shouldn't feed him
[Before a commercial break]
Billy Joel: He ate Stewie, Holy crap!
"Family Guy" will be right back
[In closing]
Billy Joel: Nancy Reagan, Pre-school Chris
Nosey valet, young Lois
German guy, lots of dogs
Arthur Valentine
All: We didn't write an ending
So we're all together trying to make it better
Billy Joel: They didn't write an ending
But what the heck,
I'll still take the check, the check, the check
Chris: Mom killed a jaywalker.
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