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Bitch-Stewie was Stewie Griffin's mentally-challenged and deformed clone in "Quagmire's Baby". He was made to serve Stewie, for chores such as washing his back and going to parties in place of him. He also lived on a "crude peanut paste". Stewie bred out some of Bitch-Stewie's intelligence while creating him, so that Bitch-Stewie's intelligence would not stalemate Stewie's. Due to a genetic defect, he and Bitch-Brian, the Brian Griffin clone Bitch-Stewie created himself due to normal Stewie's laziness, dissolve by the end of the episode.

Unlike the original Stewie, Bitch-Stewie is relatively outgoing and kind to everyone he meets, and does not seem to have the matricidal or psychopathic urges of normal Stewie.

Like Stewie, Bitch-Stewie was voiced By Seth MacFarlane.


  • Despite being made before Bitch-Brian, Bitch-Stewie dissolved after him. However, Bitch-Brian was claimed by Stewie to be more unstable as Bitch-Stewie was the one who created him.

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