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  • This episode marks the 30th anniversary of the original Stars Wars film, Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • Blue Harvest was a cover name used during the making of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
  • Stewie appeared as a Spokesperson for, speaking as Darth Vader and asking users what they would blow up with the Death Star, while promoting the Lucas-MacFarlane project Blue Harvest.
  • A dig against the Bush administration, the Empire's Star Destroyer in the opening scene has a Bush/Cheney '04 Campaign bumper sticker.
  • This episode only has a single cutaway gag.
  • Since the Jawas were collectors of antique or out-dated robots, it turns out they also had acquired an "early 90's printer", which is an old-fashioned dot matrix printer. When disembarking from the Jawa sandcrawler, C-3PO thanks a dot matrix printer "for the sex." "Dot Matrix" was the name of the robot character in Spaceballs, who was a parody of C-3P0.
  • A joke is made in which lightsabers are used by the locals on Tatooine as bug-zappers. One of the insects that flies into the bug-zapper is Watto, making him the only character exclusive to the prequel trilogy to appear in Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy.
  • When Han Solo/Peter puts on headphones and turns on a record player, the song "It Might Be You" by Stephen Bishop plays.
  • When Luke and Obi Wan are walking into the Cantina, Roger from American Dad! can be seen talking with others in the foreground. Also in this scene is Coach McGuirk from Home Movies, Evil Monkey, and Bender from Futurama.
  • The Imperial officer who greets Han, Luke, and Chewie in the prison area is Fouad, the character from a previous episode who taught Peter the 'humor' of sarcasm.
  • Meg's only appearance in this episode is as the garbage-masher tentacle monster.
  • Darth Vader/Stewie's final blow against Obi-wan is an elaborate pirouette/spin more reminiscent of Yoda's style from Episodes II and III, rather than the initial clumsy bladefighting that appears in Episode IV.
  • The Imperial Pilots in the TIE fighters are wearing the colors of Thailand, hence, 'Thai Fighter'. TIE actually stands for Twin Ion Engine, a fact never revealed in the movies but explained in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars. When Luke asks why the Tie Fighters are called Tie Fighters, one of the pilots starts yelling in Thai, homophonous to "Tie". His battle cry in Thai translates to "Die, all of you! I'll kill your father with my laser gun!"
  • R2 leans out a port on the side of the Falcon and fires a pistol sideways at the TIE as if part of a gang-related drive-by shooting, continuing the series of borderline racist statements/actions made throughout the episode.
  • Bender's presence in the Mos Eisley cantina is in violation of their "no droids" policy.
  • The hyperspace scene parodies Doctor Who and Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor from the show.
  • When Luke/Chris, Han/Peter and Chewy/Brian go to the wrong floor, the two people getting married are Alan and Judith, two major characters from Two and a Half Men.
  • Luke/Chris's Aunt Beru encourages Luke to come 'have some blue milk'. This is a blue liquid Luke and his family are seen drinking in the original film.
  • As a dig at the physics consultant for Episode IV, 'Luke' points out in the Mos Eisley cantina that Solo's statement regarding the speed of the Falcon is erroneous; the parsec is a measure of distance, not time. George Lucas' explanation of the original line is that the Falcon has a far more accurate computer than most ships. This allows it to make light speed jumps through the Kessel run, a series of stars, planets and black holes that make astro-navigation difficult, in less distance than most ships. He also states than Han might be messing with Obi-Wan and Luke at this point, attempting to confuse them.[1]
  • The music playing in the elevator on the Death Star is 'The Imperial March', the ominous background music associated with Vader and the Emperor, but it is played in a jazzy style as traditional elevator music.
  • When 'Luke' enters Leia's prison cell, she comments "Aren't you a little fat for a Stormtrooper?" The original line was "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?"
  • When Luke shoots the TIE down and Han tells him 'Don't get penisy', a play on the original line 'Don't get cocky'.
  • During the final seconds of the TIE scene where Han is staring down the approaching TIE, the same second of action gets replayed over and over with the blaster fire strafing the starcraft without actually damaging it. In Episode IV, star combat footage was replayed in the same scene several times in this fashion, though not to this extent.
  • Porkins' character is satirized for being obsese, which he was in the films.
  • When the call for all wings to report in comes up during the initial attack, the various 'Reds' that report in are a number of pop-culture icons with 'red' in their name, including Redd Foxx and Red October.
  • When a stormtrooper is killed on the Death Star, you can hear the Wilhelm Scream, a sound byte frequently used in movies.
  • Robot Chicken is a late-night cable show on Cartoon Network that drew a record viewing crowd for their satirization of the Star Wars franchise which aired three months before Blue Harvest. While Peter expresses his dislike for Robot Chicken, Chris defends it. Not coincidentally, Chris is voiced by Seth Green, who is a creator and cast member of Robot Chicken. Cartoon Network airs second-night showings of Family Guy in the hour before Robot Chicken comes on.
  • Seth MacFarlane ad-libbed the scene with Han and Luke moving the couch. [2]
  • When Luke discovers the message from Leia thats stored on R2D2 he also finds an advert for 'Intergalactic Proton Powered Electrical Tentacled Advertising Droids'. This is a parody in itself of the 'Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman" advert seen in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.
  • During the Death Star assault, Darth Vader/Stewie says "I have you now, young Skywalker." Darth Vader has not yet encountered Luke, and would not know that it is him in the X-wing.
  • Joe Swanson plays as Biggs Darklighter in the extended DVD version of this episode. In Something, Something, Something, Dark Side he returns as the Imperial probe droid and in It's A Trap! plays Jabba the Hutt.
  • Executive Producer Alec Sulkin wears a Blue Harvest shirt during the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game that is chronicled in a special feature of the It's A Trap! DVD.

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