Blue Shadows On The Trail
From the episode: Wild Wild West
Singers: Wild West, Peter Griffin, chorus
Voices: Sam Elliott, Seth MacFarlane, Chorus

"Blue Shadows On The Trail" is a musical number from the 1986 film The Three Amigos written by Randy Newman. It is sung by Wild West, accompanied by Peter, other cast members and numerous animal characters in the series at the end of "Wild Wild West".


Wild West: Arizona Moon keep shining
From the desert sky above
You know pretty soon that big yellow moon
Will light the way back to the one you love
Peter: Blue shadows on the trail
Little cowboy close your eyes and dream
All: All of the doggies are in the corral
All of your work is done
Just close your eyes and dream little pal
Dream of someone
Bum-ba bum-ba bum-ba bum-ba bum-ba bum-ba bum-ba bum-ba...
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