• The title is a callback to Peter's attempt to speak Italian in "McStroke".
  • Peter presses 'Guide' on the TV Remote in Italy, turning Stewie briefly into Bart Simpson, Rallo Tubbs, Bobby Hill, Steve Smith, Allen Gregory, Louise Belcher, Manny Delgado and Bender.
  • Peter reads Water Park Enthusiasts Weekly.
  • Chris thinks the American National Anthem is "I Will Always Love You".
  • While on his bicycle, Peter says "insalata caprese" to Vincenzo. Insalata caprese is an Italian salad.
  • The Italian phone number Brian gave Stewie is 195-655-501-881-453-989-900-168-94-52.
  • The aerial view of the soccer stadium bears a strong resemblance to Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain.

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