• Brian has no lines of actual dialog, and is conspicuously absent during several family scenes.
  • Lois still uses a fax machine and a pager, and only recently heard of podcasts.
  • Joe mentions Willem Dafoe's work in Spider-Man with Kirsten Dunst, setting off an argument with Quagmire over the pronunciation of their names.
    • "William Dafoe", Joe's mispronunciation, is actually Dafoe's real name.
  • Meg is eager to to take a photograph of the crushed squirrel bodies. In "Friends Without Benefits", she mentioned teaching Chris how to poison squirrels.
  • Dr. Hartman compares chiropractic work to The Polar Express, as it only works if you believe in it.
  • Peter confuses 'sedentary' with Pet Sematary.
  • Peter only gets new pants at Christmas, although he went clothes shopping at Sears in "Vestigial Peter".
    • Chris and Stewie get a Christmas card photo taken with the squirrel at Sears. Both episodes joked about the store closing.
  • Chris and Stewie consider "Walking on Sunshine", "Step by Step", "Walking in Memphis", "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Nobody Walks in L.A." before settling on "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman for their video of the squirrel's first steps.
  • Chris claims to be a paperboy, a job he had lost back in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)".
  • Although actual ownership of the Griffin's home varies with the needs of the writers, this episode repeats "Throw It Away"'s mention of Carter paying for the house.
  • Stewie mispronounces 'wheat' during couples therapy.
    • During the same session,Stewie also does the 'Whaaa?' gag.
  • Bruce refers to Stewie as 'Stewart'.
  • During their therapy, Chris mentions they only had the squirrel from a Tuesday through Friday.
  • Although the press release for this episode states that Peter's 'true' height is 6'5", no actual mention of it is made in the episode.[1]

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