• When the Griffins are leaving the prison, Lois is not wearing her prison uniform.
  • In the scene, the Griffins are being chased by Joe. When they climb over the fence, you can see Lois holding Stewie, then when the family comes around the corner, Meg is seen holding Stewie.
  • In the overhead shot as Lois is unpacking the groceries, there is a light brown bag of bread behind the milk and beer, but in the next scene, it changes to purple.
  • When Lois drives away from Joe and Brian, there is no hose next to Joe, but in the subsequent scene one has appeared.
  • When Joe pulls himself under Lois' car, his pants are torn. But when he pulls himself onto her hood, they are intact before becoming torn again while he is punching her.
  • When Peter entertains terminally ill kids, the very last boy to the right is black and is clearly positioned next to the right wall. However, the boy in that position that complains about pain is white.

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