• When Chris is pulled into the milk section, he appears in the music video for "Take On Me" by a-ha. The video used a technique called Rotoscoping to draw over live action frames, creating images that look like drawings but move like live action.
  • At the end of “8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter”, Peter stated that the next Family Guy episode will be about him running for mayor of Quahog. This episode has nothing to do with him running for mayor at all.
  • One restaurant in Asiantown has an English sign saying “Chinese Take-Out,” duplicated in the Japanese katakana sign “チャニステイクアウト” (“chiyainisu teikuaoto”). A banner seen in the establishing shot reads “一二三四五六七八” (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8), while a sign above a store reads “月曜日!” (Monday!).
  • While chasing Lois as she drives away, Joe’s wheelchair falls apart. Either this wheelchair or another wheelchair falls off a cliff in the sewers when Joe chases Lois again.
  • After escaping from jail, when the family left the van to start new lives, the view of Asiantown is incidentally identical to Songtan City, South Korea, just across the Main Gate of Osan Air Base.
  • It is now known that Lois gives oral sex to Peter every Thursday coinciding the same day Chris masturbates in "Barely Legal" and possibly even Meg in "Stewie Kills Lois".
  • One cutaway shows the time when Peter invited Karl Malden to do cocaine only for him to snort it all due to his large nose. This joke originated in Charles Rocket's SNL NewsLine segment from the March 7, 1981 episode of Saturday Night Live.[1]
  • Lois steals a painting by French post-impressionist Henri Matisse.
  • When Brian suggested that he hadn’t remembered another ham, Lois made an excuse that Brian was too busy eyeballing that Redbook with Glenn Close on the cover.
  • When Stewie says that he hasn't seen a female baby since they got to Asiantown, and that it was a "sausage fest", he is alluding to Chinese gender restriction laws.
  • A cutaway shows Chris watching the 1958 science fiction film The Blob.
  • While in Asiantown, Peter mistakes three passers-by for Chinese martial arts star Jackie Chan. Incidentally, Chan is in town and mistakes Peter then Chris for Caucasian actor Ethan Hawke and Meg for actor Frankie Muniz of the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.
  • Peter tells the owner of the sumo association that he’s “a born athlete, just like Greg Louganis.” The show then cuts away to a meta-reference in which Peter mentions that they could make a joke about the diver’s diagnosis with AIDS, the 1988 incident in which he hit his head on a diving board, or the fact that his name rhymes with anus. They decide on a “no body hair joke.”
  • Mayor Adam West plays with a Lite-Brite toy.
  • The Asian operator of the helicopter Joe charters says that, when he fires rockets, he pretends he is shooting at Jamie Farr and Alan Alda, stars of the Korean war-set TV series M*A*S*H.
  • When the Griffins are in the sewers, they encounter the characters from The Goonies. Peter asks Chunk to wave around his belly in a “The truffle shuffle” as he does in the film.
  • The Griffins run into Corey Haim, who when questioned by Stewie actually lives in the sewer.
  • While Stewie is playing in his wagon, Rupert's nose is light tan instead of its usual darker color.
  • The “CBS Asiantown” logo shown as a slanted eye version of the CBS logo is cut from censored versions.
  • According to the commentary, there was originally a sequence in which Brian is standing next to a rack where the tabloid magazines are and comments on how fat Kirstie Alley is. Lois then tells Brian that tabloid magazines always exaggerate celebrities’ personal lives, until Brian points out a Godzilla-like Kirstie Alley running down the aisles.
  • According to the commentary, Stewie’s line after he fails to get the plastic bag over his head to asphyxiate himself was originally, “Either I was a C-section or you’re Vadge Armstrong,” which was rejected by censors in favor of “Either I was a C-section or you’re Wonder Woman.”

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