• The episode’s title is a reference to the Neil Sedaka song “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”.
  • Stewie threatens to asphyxiate himself like “that boy from INXS.” The band’s lead singer Michael Hutchence was found dead in 1997. The death was ruled a suicide but rumors that Hutchence died while performing autoerotic asphyxiation.
  • At the supermarket, Chris is beckoned into a shelf by a sketchily-drawn hand and pulled into the animated world of the music video for a-ha’s 1985 song “Take on Me”, and is lead through the things that happen throughout the music video, until he escapes by falling out of the freezer.
  • Brian tells Lois her behavior is “worse than that Winona Ryder thing.” Lois thinks he is referring to the actress’s 2001 shoplifting incident,[1] but he actually meant her performance in the 1993 film The Age of Innocence.
  • A cutaway shows Peter riding the luck dragon Falkor, from fantasy novel The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, and the film of the same name. Falkor says Peter is too heavy and crashes into the ground. Throughout his flight Peter pumps his fist and shouts “Yeah!” in exactly the same way Bastian, the main character of The NeverEnding Story did in the film.
  • In Asiantown, Stewie mentions that he has not seen any female babies. This is a reference to news reports of male-preference abortion in China.[2]
  • A commercial for “Asian Trix” parodies that of the American breakfast cereal.
  • The chase scene between the Griffins and Joe in Asiantown is reminiscent of the final chase in Revenge of the Pink Panther in which Inspector Clouseau and company are chased through Asiantown to the same music as featured in this scene.

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