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I quit!

Brian Griffin's House of Payne
Brian writes a television pilot, but it gets sabotaged by James Woods.

Season: 8 Episode: 15
Total Episode Count: 141
Prod. no.: 7ACX13
First Aired: March 28, 2010

Guest Starring: James Woods, Charlie Sheen, Elijah Wood
Featuring: Brian Griffin, Chris Griffin, Meg Griffin, Stewie Griffin, James Woods
Also Appearing: Lois Griffin, Peter Griffin, Quagmire, Bonnie Swanson, Joe Swanson, Rupert, Gordon and Jeremy, Todd Goldstein, Rob Lotterstein, Hillary, Mr. Nubbins, Jaws, Big Jaws, Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Elijah Wood, Adolf Hitler
Musical Numbers: Class Holes! theme, Italians

Director: Jerry Langford

Assistant Director: Shawn Palmer
Writers: A. Spencer Porter
Storyboarders: Mark Garcia, Annie McMillan

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Stewie flies a spaceship and engages a huge number of enemy forces, which he handily defeats. Then he encounters a space station shaped like Peter's head and attacks in a similar way to Luke's attack of the Death Star in Star Wars. The entire sequence is Computer-generated imagery (CGI) with the exception of Stewie and Rupert who look like their usual selves, and the sequence is revealed to be Stewie's imagination.

Stewie rams a toy spaceship into Peter's ear, annoying him, so Peter throws Stewie's bear, Rupert, into the basement. Stewie follows the bear and discovers an old script that Brian had written entitled "What I Learned on Jefferson Street", but has since completely forgotten. Later that day during lunch, Stewie tosses the script onto the kitchen table, prompting Lois to question what it is about. Explaining that she may like the script, Brian suggests she read it, and tell him what she thinks of the pilot. Reluctant at first to read the script, she eventually falls in love with it, and suggests he meet with network executives about producing the show. Deciding to pitch it to CBS, the executives respond positively, and the initial casting session goes extremely well, with Elijah Wood auditioning for the lead role. The producers also bring in James Woods who performs the role in a much more comedic fashion, winning over the rest of the executives. The CBS executives quickly turn Brian's serious drama into a comedy sitcom, bringing in a live studio audience, as well as a chimpanzee, and renaming it "Class Holes!". Objecting to the changes, the producers reassure Brian by reminding him of what he had tried to achieve for many years: his own television show. Later that night, while not revealing the major changes in his show, the Griffin family, Quagmire, Joe, and Bonnie gather around the television, anticipating Brian's drama. The sitcom then appears, however, much to the entire family's chagrin. Disappointed that Brian allowed the executives to change his show so dramatically, Lois demands that he stand up for himself, and object to everything James Woods had changed about the show. The next day, the producers do not take kindly to Brian's desire to start over, with Woods continuing to suggest even more changes to the show, eventually causing Brian to quit in frustration.


Meanwhile, Chris sneaks into Meg's bedroom and reads her diary. Discovering him, Meg chases after Chris, while Stewie walks by the staircase. Accidentally bumped by them, Stewie tumbles down the stairs and becomes unconscious, suffering from a severe head wound. Chris and Meg use a hat to hide the wound. Continuing the charade, they are approached by Peter, who asks how long Stewie has been unconscious. While Chris and Meg are shocked that he knows the truth, Peter reveals that he has knocked both of them out plenty of times, and is willing to continue hiding Stewie's unconsciousness from Lois until he can frame her for causing the injury. The next day, noticing Lois pulling out of the driveway, Peter throws Stewie behind her rear tire, making it appear that Lois has run him over. Lois suggests they frame someone else, but Peter only professes his love for her, suggesting they take Stewie to the hospital.

During the credits, Brian reveals his disappointment that he no longer has his own television show, but Lois convinces him that it is his integrity that matters. Peter interrupts, with his own show appearing on the screen, entitled Bigger Jaws. Stewie walks in on the family, with his head wrapped in bandages, pointing out that it is now November and asks what happened to him.

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