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The big deal

Brian the Closer
Brian becomes a real estate agent.

Season: 13 Episode: 04
Total Episode Count: 235
Prod. no.: BACX21
First Aired: November 9, 2014

Featuring: Brian
Also Appearing: Peter, Lois, Stewie, Chris, Meg, Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe, Bonnie, Rupert, Dumb Beaver, Jerome, Tommy Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, Randall, Mittens, André the Giant, Wallace Shawn, Ice-T, Adam Sandler, Jason Voorhees, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann
Musical Numbers: Italian Clown

Director: John Holmquist
Assistant Director: Rick Del Carmen
Writers: Steve Marmel
Storyboarders: Rob Bou-Saab, Dave Sherburne, Ron Smith

Plot: When Peter finds Brian's old rope toy, his determination to take it away from Brian results in Brian losing his teeth. Unable to cope without his teeth, he wants Lois to take him to the dentist but she refuses to spend the money on him. Having a drink with Quagmire, Brian starts to cry until Quagmire gives him the number to his dentist where he has an account. When he returns, the family finds that the dentist has given him a prominent smile.

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Apprehensive about his appearance, the family offers their support and Brian begins to find the new look suits him. While out for a walk, he is mistaken for a real estate agent. When the real agent shows up, he gets a job offer to join the agency. He finds himself selling lots of properties as well as becoming a hit with the ladies. The owner talks him to tackling a hard-to-sell condo and soon overhears Quagmire just receiving a bonus.

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Arriving at the gym where Quagmire works out, Brian pays Quagmire back for the dental work and leads him into buying the property by convincing him it is a great investment. After showing him the prospective video, Quagmire is still hesitant until Brian convinces him a hated rival pilot is after it. After the purchase, the guys accompany Quagmire to the property to find it is a run down dump and was completely misrepresented. Joe reveals that there is an escape clause good for 72 hours after purchase, but when they arrive at the realty, he isn't around and it is revealed that he has ducked out to hide for the 72 hours. Taking refuge at a motel, he finds Quagmire already waiting for him and tells him that his already low opinion of him was pushed even further. Brian confesses that Quagmire may be his only friend but it is revealed to only be a ruse to outlast the 72 hours. As a result, Quagmire knocks his teeth out. Returning to normal life, the family consoles him until Meg recounts her day and Peter intentionally causes himself a nosebleed to escape.

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