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Getting ready to run

Brokeback Swanson
Things go from bad to worse for Joe when he becomes a quadriplegic.

Season: 14 Episode: 08
Total Episode Count: 257
Prod. no.: DACX07
First Aired: December 6, 2015

Guest Starring: Joe Buck
Featuring: Joe Swanson, Brian
Also Appearing: Lois, Chris, Stewie, Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, Bonnie, Susie, Dr. Hartman, Tori & Vic, Gary, Daft Punk, Joe Biden
Director: Julius Wu

Assistant Director: John Banh
Writers: Ted Jessup
Storyboarders: Won Ki Cho, Eric Sanford, Debbie Shin

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When Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire see an advertisement for a running of the bulls, they decide to participate, but without Joe. They try to mislead him into thinking they are going to a Chef Boyardee look-alike competition, but when he is prepared, they find they are forced to take him with them. When the run starts, Joe falls behind and a casually thrown beer cap causes him to get knocked out of his wheelchair and is trampled by the herd of bulls. As a result, Joe finds he can't move anything below his neck.

Dr. Hartman confirms that Joe has become a quadriplegic and Bonnie leaves him for Europe. The guys try to take care of Joe, but he insists they continue with their own lives. They still try to find ways to stimulate him with mixed results. Despairing of the work involved, the guys prepare to put him in a state-run home although Joe is less than pleased. The guys have mixed feeling about leaving Joe in the home. When Peter ends up in legal trouble, Lois recommends he see Joe to help him and he has to reveal what they did. The guys go back to the home to get him back, but find that he can't leave without Dr. Hartman's permission, but when they try to call, they find that Dr. Hartman's cell phone was left in Joe's back and is causing his paralysis. After clearing things up, Joe is allowed to leave.

Peter ends his tale with a Stand by Me parody in which he recounts losing track of Joe, but gets into a fight with his two boys.

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Meanwhile, Brian picks up a woman at a car wash. But after they have sex, her husband arrives, a former navy seal who killed Osama bin Laden, Brian finds he is forced to pretend to be the new family pet. But when things look like they can lead to more sex, he decides to keep up the charade. While at the park with Lois, Stewie spots him with the husband Vic, who is walking him on a leash where he brags about his sexual arrangement with Tori, the wife. However, things aren't so great when he has to listen to them have sex, and when he tries to leave, he finds himself put on guard dog duty and chained in the yard as Vic knows that someone is cheating with his wife. But when Brian complains to Tori, she leaves him behind as she splits town. Stewie tracks him down and finds out he is in trouble, so he gets help from Chris and Vice President Joe Biden to get Brian back.

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