Bumblescum, Alabama is the city where the Griffins are relocated when the FBI Agents put them in the Witness Protection Program in "To Love and Die in Dixie" after Chris witnesses a holdup of the Quahog Mini-Mart and the culprit threatens to kill him.

In this setting, they get sent to a broken-down home on cement blocks where they find a hand in the basement, a Crunch Berry under the fridge, a raccoon in the TV, and a Jeff Foxworthy in the closet. There is also an outhouse in the place of a working bathroom. The population constantly changes. As of the Griffins' entrance, there were 54 residents in Bumblescum. The townspeople were amazed at all that the Northerners could do. Every year, the town puts on an inaccurate reenactment of the Civil War in which the Confederate States won, after a drunk Ulysses S. Grant concedes defeat to Robert E. Lee. The school's best student is Oinky, a pig. Some students copy off of Oinky.

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