Butt Paste
Butt paste.png
From the episode: The Boys in the Band
Singers: Stewie Griffin, Brian
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Butt Paste" is sung by Stewie and Brian after they form a children's band in "The Boys in the Band" and start performing at various gigs, including a birthday party in the park. Stewie is inspired to write and perform songs about issues that babies really care about when he gets tired of insipid adult singers that fail to do so.


Stewie: All right, this one is for all the mommies out there. This is what we're really saying when we're crying...

Please...put...some...butt paste on my button

Together: Butt paste on my button

Stewie: Smear it on my button for the fire down below

Together: Oh-oh-oh butt paste on my button

Butt paste on my button

Need it on my button 'cause it cools and quells me soooo

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