• The episode synopsis came from writer Chris Regan's unsuccessful attempts to pitch a Family Guy story to the writers, and then offhandedly mentioning that he himself was in a Korean soap opera.[1]
  • An unused B-plot involved Stewie worrying that he might become a redhead according to the press release.[2] In addition, neither Stewie, nor Brian appear. Chris and Meg appear, but do not have any speaking lines.
  • In addition to being a soap opera star, Quagmire reveals that he also polishes rocks as a hobby.
  • When the guys enter the hotel, and now and then through the episode, the "Theme Song" is heard played in oriental style.
  • It is stated by Cleveland that Donna's mother, Dee Dee has committed suicide by gunshot.
  • The K-pop video that the guys watch at various times is Sistar's "Touch My Body".[3]
  • Batman's name briefly appears on a nonsense sign in "Come On Home".
  • While talking about the dinner she'll prepare for the guys, Sujin says "We will have many things you will nibble at, but not eat. Then, I will give you a pizza." but later at the dinner table we see they actually do eat the Korean food Sujin prepared, and there's no pizza in sight.
  • According to the DVD commentary, the credits to Winter Summer are actual names of Family Guy staff members.
  • The commentary also makes light of the fact that during the scene of the guys landing at the airport, they pass a statue of an airship taking off from a globe that has been likened to a penis and testicle.[4]

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