• Adam West actually received a voice credit for this episode.
    • Peter catches West with a proton pack from Ghostbusters and suggests they hold him until they get around to getting a new mayor.
  • Joe discovers he's allergic to cats.
  • Peter mentions Guns, Germs and Steel when talking about the global spread of Christianity at camp.[1]
  • "Fernando" by ABBA plays during the gate with the moose head.
  • Tom Tucker tries to get "We Built This City" by Starship stuck in the audience's head.
  • Quagmire says that he can't perform on Saturday Night Live as he is not Silverchair, mentioning the band who appeared on the December 9, 1995 episode.[2]
  • According to Stewie, the pictures of the mountain that hang behind the living room couch are of Mount Quahog.
  • Stewie's Office depot gag follows the same beats of a similar gag for Target in "Island Adventure".
  • Stewie claims to dress how Diana did when she did her landmine walk, but actually, she wore a white shirt and safety vest.[3]

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