Channel 5 News Theme
From the episode: And I'm Joyce Kinney
Singers: Helen Reddy
Voices: Helen Reddy

The Channel 5 News Theme is the theme song for Quahog 5 News. It is performed before the news starts in "And I'm Joyce Kinney", shortly before Joyce Kinney features a story on Lois Griffin for starring in a porno film in college. It features Tom Tucker, Joyce and weatherman Ollie Williams performing acts of charity while turning to look at the camera. The song is sung by legendary pop star Helen Reddy. It is unknown when the network adopted this theme song. It is also unknown why Tricia Takanawa doesn't appear in the segment.


Channel 5...we're there for you

When Times are tough

We'll help you through

With News and Sports and Weather

We'll always be together

We're with you through it all

Channel 5

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