Charles in Charge Theme
From the episode: "The Thin White Line", "T.V. Medley"
Singers: The Thin White Line: Peter Griffin

T.V. Medley: Brian and Stewie Griffin

Voices: Seth MacFarlane

The Charles in Charge theme is the theme song to the 1980s CBS sitcom Charles in Charge. It was composed by David Kurtz, Michael Jacobs, and Al Burton, and performed by Shandi Sinnamon. The theme music was mellower in the first season, and was remixed for the syndication run.

In The Thin White Line, it is revealed Peter Griffin once worked as as a security guard for George Harrison from The Beatles on the night he was attacked by an assailant. Peter is in a guard hut with his feet up and is watching the show while singing along to the theme music. Meanwhile, a knife-wielding man scales the fence behind him and runs into the house followed by much commotion.

The song is sampled in the "T.V. Medley" by Brian and Stewie Griffin on the Family Guy: Live in Vegas album.


The Thin White Line

Peter: Charles in charge, of our days and our lives...(mumbles)

T.V. Medley

Stewie: I say, Brian.

Brian: Huh?

Stewie: Who's that over there?

Brian: Where?

Stewie: There!

Brian: Why Stewie, that's

♪The new boy in the neighborhood♪
♪Lives downstairs and it's-♪

Stewie: I know it's understood. ♪He's there just to take good care of me♪

♪Like he's one of the family.♪

Brian: ♪Charles in Charge of our days and our nights.♪

Stewie: Yes indeed it's

♪Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights.♪

Brian: I have a feeling the wrongs are gonna cause more trouble than the rights.

Stewie: Look out, Sitcom Land - there's a new shipment of funny on its way!

Brian and Stewie: ♪And I say I want Charles in Charge of me.♪

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