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Charmisse is the hooker that Quagmire accidentally marries after getting drunk with the guys on a trip to Harvard in "The Giggity Wife". When he is reluctant to pursue their relationship, she questions if he is gay and when she says the marriage would be over if true, Glenn gets the idea to pretend to be gay and she starts to leave, but catches him in the act of watching straight porn and demands he prove he is gay by having sex with a man.

Quagmire approaches Peter with the idea and Peter agrees provided they have a date first which Glenn suffers through. Back at Quagmire's house, Charmisse insists they get on with the sex and the guys clumsily and reluctantly prepare. Just as they almost consummate their act, Charmisse calls off the charade, noting that it is obvious that they are straight but if Quagmire wants a divorce that badly she'll grant him one and appreciated Quagmire treating her decent.


  • Charmisse claims that she has been a hooker for over forty years.
  • Peter thinks he remembers Charmisse at a stag party in 1991 and asks Quagmire to see if she remembers getting hit in the head with a meatball sandwich.
  • Charmisse had never had a pelvic exam prior to getting one from Dr. Hartman.
  • She says she can't have children after she was stabbed in the vagina one Christmas.
  • Charmisse claims that she hadn't gone two weeks without sex since being in a coma for six weeks.
  • Her urine melts a hole in Quagmire's toilet.
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