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Cheesie Charlie's is a restaurant located in Quahog, Rhode Island. It is a parody of the chain of family entertainment centers, Chuck E. Cheese's. Peter Griffin goes to set up a birthday party for Stewie in "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", but cancels the reservation when he doesn't like the service. He then tells his wife Lois that Cheesie Charlie's was an evil torture building.

Chris' favorite game is a machine where the player puts in a dollar, and wins four quarters every time. Other games include Virtual Stuck Behind a Slow Moving Bus, and games in the bathroom where Chris won a "balloon", which was actually a condom.

The restaurant also appears in the Family Guy Video Game!

The restaurant was frequently in The Cleveland Show, although there it was called "Cheese E. Charlie's".

Brian and Stewie's musical group "Red Shirt, Blue Shirt" perform at Cheesie Charlie's in "The Boys in the Band".

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