• This is the only first season episode without a cold opening.
  • Waylon Jennings narrates the fight over the Dukes of Hazzard watch, as he narrated the TV show.
  • In his excuse for losing the Cheesie Charlie’s reservation, Peter tells a huge lie villainizing the establishment, culminating with a quote of Bruce Banner before transforming into The Incredible Hulk. Upon hearing Peter’s story, Brian declares him to be “The Spalding Gray of crap.”
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Performance Artist, also known as Bruce.
  • In this episode, Stewie’s middle name is revealed to be Gilligan.
  • A cutaway showed that Meg learned to walk, speak, and play the drums at the same time on her first birthday.
  • Stewie freezes an airport security officer named Henry in carbonite from Star Wars.
  • James Woods turned 52 the day this episode aired.
  • Stewie uses grenades, a mace, a bag of cheerios as a ration, suction cups and an unusual ray weapon.
  • When Stewie was born, it came with a map of Europe with an X on France, England, Austria, and Germany.
  • Peter shouts "Hong Kong Phooey" as he jumps into the ball pit.
  • The ingredients used by the Heaven's Helpers for the punch are cyanide, arsenic, rat poison and a copy of Paul Reiser's Couplehood.
  • Cheesie Charlie's would later reappear as "Cheese E. Charlie's" in The Cleveland Show.[1]

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