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'''Episode#''': FG103
'''Title''': "Chitty Chitty Death Bang"
'''Original Air date''': April 18, 1999
'''Abstract''': As Stewie's birthday approaches, Lois mentions a professional coming to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Stewie remembers a man in white who brought him out of the womb, and figures that the professional is coming to put him back.
'''Starring''': [[Peter Griffin|Peter]], [[Lois Griffin|Lois]], [[Meg Griffin|Meg]], [[Chris Griffin|Chris]], [[Stewie Griffin|Stewie]], [[Brian Griffin|Brian]]
'''Also featuring''': [[Jennifer]]
'''Special appearances by''': [[Hanson]], [[Waylon Jennings]], [[Three Little Pigs]], [[Jesus Christ]]
'''Directed by:''' [[Dominic Polcino]]
'''Assistant Director:'''
'''Written by:''' [[Danny Smith]]
'''Storyboarded by''': [[Ron Brewer]], [[Eric John Fredrickson]], [[Bill Riling]]
'''[[Chitty Chitty Death Bang/Transcript|Transcript]]'''
== References Explained ==
In the story Peter is telling Louis about how horrible Cheesy Charlie's is he turns unto the Hulk; a green superstrong hero/villain.
== Easter Eggs ==
== Goofs ==
When Jennifer meets Lois for the first time and turns back to Meg whose behind her, you'll notice that Meg is not wearing her glasses.
After a little boy steals Peter's watch, later you'll notice Peter still has it on.
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