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As Stewie's birthday approaches, Lois mentions a professional coming to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Stewie remembers a man in white who brought him out of the womb, and figures that the professional is coming to put him back.

References Explained

  • The title is a refercence to the Dick van Dyke movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • Cheesy Charlies is a referece to Chuckie Cheese's.
  • In the story Peter is telling Lois about how horrible Cheesy Charlie's is he turns unto the Hulk; a green superstrong hero/villain.
  • Heaven's Helper cult is a reference to the Heaven's Gate cult. This included the mass suicide and male castration.


  • Manager of Cheesie Charlie's: If the kids have enough tickets, they get a prize.
    Timmy: I have 14 tickets. Is that enough?
    Man behind the counter: Oh, sorry Timmy, but you need 15 tickets to live.

Easter Eggs


When Jennifer meets Lois for the first time and turns back to Meg whose behind her, you'll notice that Meg is not wearing her glasses.

After a little boy steals Peter's watch, later you'll notice Peter still has it on.

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