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Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date
Taylor Swift agrees to go to a homecoming dance with Chris.

Season: 15 Episode: 05
Total Episode Count: 274
Prod. no.: EACX02
First Aired: November 6, 2016

Guest Starring: Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Featuring: Chris Griffin
Also Appearing: Peter, Lois, Meg, Brian, Stewie, Quagmire, Joe, Bonnie, Cleveland, Donna, Rallo, Carter, Babs, Mort, Neil Goldman, Seamus, Rupert, Tom Tucker, Principal Shepherd, Kara Morris, Brenda McGuire, Morty, Zack Morris, Kanye West, Bill Cosby, Judd Hirsch, Taylor Swift
Musical Numbers: Me, Taylor, The Boy in the Giant Tux

Director: Brian Iles

Assistant Director: Ivaylo Angelov
Writers: Artie Johann
Storyboarders: Helen Kim, Michael Narren, Eric Sanford

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When Chris is shot down by his female classmates when he tries to ask for a date to the school homecoming dance, Stewie advises him to ask Taylor Swift, who promptly agrees. But after a sweet night, Brian makes the family aware of a music video that Bonnie shared by Swift in which she trashes Chris. Determined to find out why she would do such a thing, he travels to her Rhode island home with Stewie and Brian to confront her and she admits she does it out of habit and that she really did enjoy their date. To make it up to them, she invites them backstage with her at a show where she attempts to sing a "nice" song about Chris, and is booed mercilessly by her fans. She is comforted by Chris backstage, but when she admits she would be willing to give up being a celebrity for his sake, he insults her. Realizing that this is his way of allowing her to continue being who she really is, they share a smile and she kisses him before going back out to sing her normal repertoire.

Meanwhile, Peter is mistaken for an Uber driver when he borrows Brian's Prius to take the kids to school for Lois. After scoring easy money on a trip to the airport, Peter decides to become an actual Uber driver. After various adventures and misadventures though the city, he is attacked by taxi drivers and the car is burned.

After leaving Swift's concert, Brian calls for an Uber driver to pick them up and a battered and bloodied Peter arrives in the remains of his car.

Back at home, Peter wraps up the show in the style of a talk show host.

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