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Christmas Guy
Peter infuses Lois’ dad with the holiday spirit.

Season: 12 Episode: 08
Total Episode Count: 218
Prod. no.: BACX07
First Aired: December 15, 2013

Featuring: Peter Griffin, Carter, Stewie
Also Appearing: Lois, Chris, Meg, Vinny, Santa Claus, Kevin McCallister, Evan, Sal Casella, Brian
Musical Numbers: Deck the Harrs, Animal Crackers in My Soup

Director: Greg Colton

Assistant Director: Young Baek
Writers: Patrick Meighan
Storyboarders: Rob Bou-Saab, Won Ki Cho, Matt Whitlock


Looking forward to the Christmas carnival, the family heads to the mall but finds that the festivities have been canceled, annoying Stewie and causing him to go on a destructive streak. Vinny checks and discovers that it was Carter that canceled the carnival. Peter confronts Carter who tells him that it was canceled because he hates Christmas and Peter vows to help him find his Christmas spirit. Peter tries a fake story letter, making Carter drink egg nog and having him masturbate without luck. But when Peter accuses Carter of acting Jewish, he reverses his position on the carnival.


However, the carnival fails to raise Stewie's spirits. When he answers Santa's question of a Christmas request, Stewie realizes he wants Brian back, despite Santa's skepticism. Vinny tries to pretend to be Brian, complete with pretending to be an intellectual and a writer but it fails to win Stewie over, even when giving him his gifts. Trying to raise his spirits, they go to the mall again. Stewie spots himself buying a toy that he purchased just prior to Brian's death and realizes he has to get his hands on the time return pad and enlists Vinny's help. Appealing to Stewie's vanity, Vinny gets him to take off his backpack so Stewie can retrieve the time pad and prepares to save Brian. As Stewie says his goodbyes to Vinny, he admits his actions will result in their never having met as Vinny bids him well.

In the past, Stewie arrives in time to save Brian and he explains what had happened. Stewie sends the time pad back to the present. Having altered the time line, Stewie fades from existence as Brian is grateful for his actions. Back in the present, Brian is alive and well and can't thank Stewie enough for saving him.