Cleveland Brown, Jr., commonly referred to as Cleveland, Jr, is the son of Cleveland Brown, Sr. and Loretta Brown. He is a very hyperactive boy and speaks quickly (both traits that contrast with his father's) with a rather short attention span.

Cleveland, Jr. has had few minor roles in the series, and is not present in The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire. What became of Cleveland, Jr. after his parents seperated is unknown as he has only appeared once, in The Perfect Castaway, where he can be seen at the memorial service for Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland when they were thought to have been lost at sea. Cleveland, Jr. is once again absent in Love Blactually, where Loretta returns to Quahog and attempts to convince Cleveland to come back to her. (He was in the animatic for that episode in DVD Vol. 7 in his present enlarged state which was revealed to be caused by ritalin. The entire scene was dropped when the ending of the episode was changed.) Cleveland, Jr. is now a main character in The Cleveland Show!. He also has a cameo appearance in the episode Ready, Willing, and Disabled where he can be seen cheering when Joe recovers the money stolen by the car wash thief. Both Cleveland and Cleveland, Jr. will be leaving Family Guy in the upcoming television season, when The Cleveland Show! will premiere. In the first episode of The Cleveland Show, Cleveland, Jr. has grown to the age of 14. He also speaks (previously voiced by Mike Henry, now Kevin Michael Richardson) in a much deeper, slower manner.


Great Uncle Chet (paternal great-great-granduncle)

Broderick Brown (paternal uncle)

Loretta's mother (maternal grandmother)

Cleveland Brown, Sr. (father)

Loretta Brown (mother)

Madame Claude (1st cousins once remove)

Donna Brown (step-mother)

Roberta Brown (step-sister)

Rallo Brown (step-brother)

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